Noodle Poodle!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Pictures!

The pictures of use that either I took or someone else took doesnt even remind me of you! You are a different person now! You say you love me, but is it true??? I ask that question to myself all the time, after every fight we had you always said, "I Love You!" Why is it everytime you start a fight you blame it on me and end the fight with I Love You! I dont understand you half of the time! Whats Love to you??? When your in love you dont get mad over stupid things and say stuff that might tell you that its over! When I say I love you I mean it but when your going to think I'm doing something stupid then, its already over for us! I wanted my freedom away from the fighting and I still get the fighting! I feel lost when you do all your dumb thing and treat me like crap! The pictures of us were the best but you messed them up when you stop trusting me and didnt treat me like a princess! We use to be a cute and happy couple but not anymore! Good Bye for now! See you in my next life and when you meet me again remeber what you did wrong!

Take Me away!!!!

Take me away today.
Take me away yesterday.
Take me away tomorrow.
I dont wanna be here anymore!
All I want is to be with you and no one else!
All I ask is that you take me away and let me never come back!
By: Noelle Price!!!!
(Noodle Poodle)

Whats Left of Me!

Their might not be much left of me, but if you truly love me then you would take me back! I know you and I were in love at one time about 3 years ago, but if you think about it your the one that broke my heart! But ever since you and I broke up all I think about is you! I know it was 3 years ago but that doesnt matter I still love you! Even though I told one other guy that I loved him too, I dont think I really ment it! I always thought that you and I were ment to be! You might not have the same feelings as me but I hope one day you'll see that in my eyes that I have always loved you! My mom, dad, and family might not be a big fan of you but they have to respect my wishes! I Love You and you should know it! I know that we hang out all the time now but I'm not really sure you know how I feel! If you and I were ever to get back together I really hope this next time you wont break my heart again! It is still trying to heel from that last time! One day I hope that my heart will be fixed and you and I can be happy like we use to be! You use to treat me like a little Princess and I miss that, no other guy has ever been nice to me like you were! One night I wished on a star that one day you and I could be happy again and that you would love me again and you wouldnt cheat on me again like you did that one time at the party! If you and I got back together I want you to know every party you go to I wanna go because I dont wanna be hurt again! Im sick of guys always trying to hurt me! I feels like you are stabbing yourself with a knife! Thats how bad it is! I wanna be happy again and feel like I'm special again! Please Love me for me and please take whats left of me!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Something Wrong!!!!

When something is wrong you make it worse! You dont notice me when I'm crying and when I need a hug! You never ask me whats wrong! Why dont you ever notice my feelings? I always notice yours! Even when you say nothing is wrong I still know these things! Why??? When I'm sad you never tryed to make me happy! I wanna be loved and love back in return but you have made me scared of loving you cuz I'm scared that you might hurt me! If you show me that you love me and act like you care, then why do you treat me so badly??? I do nothing wrong to you and all you do is yell at me and say its all my fault, when all I do is be nice to you! Why do you always have to hurt me??? Please love me for me! Thats all I ask!

Broken Heart!

A broken heart that wont heel! That one time you broke my heart hurt so bad that I couldnt get it fixed! No other guy could ever fix it! You were my first love! You and I were the cutiest couple in Boerne, then you had to go and pull dump things like braking my heart! You treated me like a princess and now I feel like nothing at all! You were there for me when times were bad and good! We had the best times ever being together! I miss you and want you back, but I'm afraid that you might hurt me again! But I think that your the only one that can fix my broken heart! Please love me again and show me that you care again! I wanna be your little princess again! My broken Heart needs help!


Today is day 3 of summer school and all i want to do is lay out and get a really good tan! but the only reason why im in here is becuz i didnt have enough credits! it really bites! but im having guy problems! Like i really dont know what to do! Like i really like this guy but i dont think that he really notice me and really cares or really likes me back! but guys are really confussing! they never know what they want! like seriously! why arent they ever happy with the girls or anything like that??? GAY!!!!! Guys are weird!

The Perfect Boyfriend!

The perfect boyfriend would be tall, nice body, ears pierced, tounge pierced, good kisser, treats the girl like a princess!!! Has his own place (sort of), brown hair short or long, has a pit bull! AND wont cheat on me!!! lol thats my perfect boyfriend! But thats just my opinion! He has to listen to Rap and/or Rock!

Noodle Poodle

The party last nite was crazy everyone was calling me Noodle Poodle! yea!!!!!!!!!! lalalalalalalalala!!!!! Im hyper!!!!! Party 06 summer! is going great! all i do is sleep and party and summer school and hanging out with friends!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I love Latte's!!!!!!!!!! and Swimming! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL! hahaha